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Personal Testimonials


As a relatively active person – runner, yogi, and always on my feet at work – I thought my aches and pains and limitations of movement were just me. I figured I was doomed to retain my poor posture and nagging injuries – and I am only in my thirties. I was introduced to Rolfing after I aggravated an old shoulder injury and a friend recommended that I give Rolfing a try. After reading about Rolfing techniques and methodology, I did gave it a try. Since my first session, I have become a believer and have recommended it to family and friends. Rolfing has made me more acutely aware of what and how my body senses and interacts with the world around me. I have become an expert on how my fascia, muscles, tendons and joints integrate their actions to perform for me. More importantly I have learned to sense when I am “off” and what I need to do to get back so I do not injure myself further. Rolfing has afforded me the opportunity to experience the feelings of openness, freedom of movement, and freedom from pain and limitation. I also never expected the psychological and spiritual changes I have gone through with Rolfing. As a result of being more present and sensitive with my physical self, I have been able to do the same in the other areas of my life. For me, the benefits of Rolfing have resonated positively in my personal life, my relationships, and in my work as a medical doctor. I cannot imagine anything better!!
– Dr. Amanda Kay

I first went to Chris because of my daughter-in-law. She was watching Oprah and saw Dr. Oz speak about Rolfing. She called and said this is for “you”! I did research, chose Chris and have been so pleased I made the call to him. I went to Chris since I was having a problem with my neck, It was painful and hindering my daily activities. I had been to the doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, and physical therapy – but nothing was alleviating my pain. The very first session with Chris was remarkable. It was the first time in 10 weeks that I didn’t have pain! My problem is caused from having curvature of the spine that has gotten worse over the years. Chris is even straightening my spine! Since I’ve been in Rolfing, I feel better physically. Chris is a gentle soul with a kind heart and I always feel comfortable in his presence. I highly recommend Chris and Rolfing to anyone!
– Karen Kennedy

As a teacher and student of yoga the results I have experienced with Chris have propelled me in a direction that yoga alone could never have taken me! It is with extreme enthusiam that I recommend Chris Richardson to anyone interested in taking their health to a whole new level! His knowledge of the body is equally matched with an ability to listen and pay attention to how your body is responding to his hands. Chris has a true passion for helping people heal and a level of professionalism that makes you feel extremely safe and comfortable, which is essential in the healing process.
– John Gillespie, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, E-RYT, Founder Plexus Fitness & Empowered Yoga, see John teach several alignment poses at Runner’s World

Chris Richardson is a very gifted, compassionate professional whose healing hands gave me the much-needed relief from the muscular pain I suffered. His treatment enabled me to reclaim my life! Thank You Chris!
– Karen Alexander

I was referred to Chris by my chiropractor in the spring of 2006 for a cervical spine issue I was having, which often had me in a great deal of pain. While I have enjoyed relief from many ailments from western medicine, chiropractic care, herbal supplements and other alternative methods, I was having trouble finding a solution to this cervical spine and shoulder issue. In fact, an MRI indicated a degenerated disc. I am writing to tell you with a commitment to Chris’s techniques, I have seen a steady improvement, often times to the point of no pain whatsoever in my cervical spine to the point that I am able to participate in my daily activities, sports and yoga again with little to no discomfort or pain. With continued care I anticipate a full recovery. I always feel better, physically, mentally and spiritually when leaving his office. He has enlightened me to the process and benefits of Rolfing. I trust his knowledge and commitment to Rolfing. He listens and responds to my needs and I know he truly cares about my well-being. Should you wish to discuss the experience I’ve had with Chris, please feel free to call me at (302) 563-9460.
– Jeff Dietz, Founder; Camp Possibilities

Receiving Rolfing from Chris has been nothing less than transformative! His knowledge of the body and his technique, coupled with the depth of sensitivity, focus and kindness that Chris brings is tremendous. Physical discomfort and misalignments have been relieved, and I notice the shifts dramatically both in yoga practice and in everyday living.
Thank you, Chris!
– M. Klotz, Yoga Instructor

My first Rolfing session was a gift – literally, a Christmas present from my in-laws. I didn’t know what to expect of the process and began it as an exploration, curious but with no specific areas of concern to address. I was immediately converted. A yoga student of four years and a long time believer in the mind-body connection, I was amazed by the way Rolfing introduced me to my own body. With Chris’ thoughtful and patient guidance, I came to see where I was tight, where I was out of balance, and how I was holding onto habitual patterns of movement that supported these conditions; I came to appreciate the links between my feet and my hips and my head; I came to much better know the power of my own breath; and I came to understand some of the long-time stories my body had to reveal. The acting principles behind Rolfing Structural integration are essential to preventive health care: a body that is properly aligned is a body that can work right. It just makes sense. Chris Richardson is the best Rolfer EVER!!
– Jennifer Collison, RYT

The ability to create space, breathe freely, peel away layers and to be able to move with the grace and ease that proper alignment offers is truly a gift! As a yoga student and instructor, I teach of the ability to open the heart and create more space, strength, flexibility and awareness throughout the body. With his great and passionate understanding of the body, Chris, with patience and a wonderful healing touch was able to create space in my shoulders and upper body I had not known previously, simply opening the possibilities! As we progressed more deeply, the breath and mobility have changed how I move. I am now able to run tall- a feeling after years of running I had never felt. The beauty of bringing everything into alignment has taken away chronic pain in my hip, that has been present for several years. Chris has allowed my journey in yoga to grow and align with patience, in health and love. Rolfing has been and will continue to be a journey of knowledge, alignment and the ability to let go. It has been an honor to share this path with Chris. His talent continues to unfold!
– Lisa Dougherty, RYT

Before Rolfing I couldn’t pick up my kids, I was afraid to participate in many activities, and I was always irritable due to constant back pain. After only one session with Chris I began to see improvements in my mobility and pain levels and now I am virtually pain free. I have returned to regular activity with success and couldn’t be happier with my experience.
– Hillary Spruance