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Why Rolfing/Benefits

Why Rolfing/Benefits

Why Should You Be Rolfed?

Many people turn to Rolfing for the release of symptoms of pain, tension, stress, both physical and emotional after other more traditional methodologies fail. Others wish to improve their abilities in sports, work or the performing arts. Still others are looking for a better way to cope with stress and lack of energy that can lead to depression. Rolfing accomplishes its goal by bringing the body back to its natural state, allowing optimal performance, awareness and coordination.

Common Reported Benefits:

  • Greater Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Decreased Pain, Stress and Tension
  • Improved Balance, Coordination and Overall Athletic Performance
  • Better Posture; Standing and Sitting Taller
  • Higher Energy Levels, Not as Easily Tired
  • Increased Resourcefulness of Muscle Movements
  • Easier to Breathe
  • Greater Overall Awareness of Body, Mind and Heart

Rolfing is not only an effective and efficient form of body therapy that can be employed to treat already present structural problems, it is also a preventive approach to help one maintain an overall sense of well being and an improved quality of life.

Benefits of Rolfing

Many people seek Rolfing not only as a means to ease pain and chronic stress, and improve performance in their professional and daily activities, but also as a preventive measure to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle for years to come. From professional athletes and business people to musicians, actors, dance performers and children, people from all walks of life benefit from Rolfing. Clients of all ages come to Rolfing for help with neck pain, back problems, impaired mobility and other difficulties, which originate from internal strains. Others seek to improve their physical appearance, propel athletic performance and enhance personal growth towards their full potential.

Rolfing Benefits Those Who:

  • Work physically demanding jobs or long hours at a desk on the computer.
  • Wish to improve performance or endurance and reduce or prevent risk of injury in any activity: sports, dance, yoga, etc.
  • Desire improved posture: standing and sitting upright, with ease and comfort.
  • Wish to reduce stress or tension, physically and/or emotionally.
  • Suffer from chronic back pain or just about anywhere else in the body.
  • Feel “locked up,” inflexible or a feeling of being “out of alignment.”
  • Desire to truly deepen their connection of mind to body awareness.